A Course in Pilot Training is for those candidates seeking a career in aviation. The course is divided into two parts: Ground Training and Flight Training.

Aviation continues to be a growing industry. A number of careers are open to licensed pilots. A course may be a giant step towards employment with large commercial airlines or charter operators.

Course Details

Requirements & Eligibility

Age 18 years or above

Qualification 10+2 (Physics & Maths)  or any equivalent degree

Class II & Class I Medical Certificate

DGCA 5 Papers

Flying 200 Hours

• RTR ( A )

STEP 1 – Ground Training

This theoretical training which takes 95 days followed by internal BWA examinations which will thoroughly prepare you to attempt for DGCA exams.

  • Air Regulations
  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Air Navigation
  • Aircraft Technical
  • Aircraft Specific
  • RTR (A)

In case if students wish to take a refresher class, they will be given a chance to attend along with the next batch on availability of seats.

Step 2 – Student Pilot License

SPL is the very first license which can lead the candidate to a flourishing Commercial Pilot.

STEP 3 –Flying Training (CPL+ IR)

The Candidate has to complete 200 Hours (Two hundred hours) of flight time for obtaining the Commercial Pilot’s License.

STEP 4 – Multi Engine Endorsement

CPL is the basic license for an individual aspiring to become a professional Pilot. However, most airlines recruit pilots, who have an endorsement of Multi Engine rating on their license.

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